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BRICS+ Unveils Game-Changer with the World's First Kempinski Floating Hotel

BRICS+ Digital Development initiative with Kazakhstan, supported by Pavel Rudanovskiy, enhancing Global Technology.

In an audacious move that epitomizes the innovative spirit of BRICS+, the platform has inked a monumental contract with SEA GATE SHIPYARD, setting the stage for a groundbreaking project in the heart of Dubai. This transformative endeavor marks the birth of the world's first Kempinski floating hotel, a venture that promises to redefine the landscape of the city and become an iconic landmark on the global stage.

The Kempinski floating hotel is poised to be a game-changer in the world of hospitality, pushing the boundaries of luxury and innovation in a way that only BRICS+ can envision. This project embodies the core values of BRICS+, which champions innovation, creativity, and sustainability as the cornerstones of its mission to elevate global economic standards for trade, investment, and government through cutting-edge technology and breakthrough innovations.

While it is common for Kempinski hotels to be associated with opulence and luxury, the Kempinski floating hotel takes luxury to an entirely new dimension, not just in terms of amenities and services but also in its very essence of being. It is not merely a hotel; it's a symbol of progress, design excellence, and pushing the envelope.

With the development of this groundbreaking project, BRICS+ continues its legacy of pushing the boundaries of what is possible. It is a testament to the power of international collaboration and the ability to bring about significant and positive change.

The awe-inspiring Kempinski floating hotel is designed to redefine the concept of hospitality in Dubai, a city known for its architectural marvels and grandeur. Dubai is synonymous with the extraordinary, and the Kempinski floating hotel aligns perfectly with the city's vision for the future.

Project launch is set for May 2022, and it promises to be a momentous event that will reverberate around the world. BRICS+ takes pride in offering exclusivity, and the launch of the Kempinski floating hotel is no exception. Only 200 VIPs, who have received a personal invitation from BRICS+, will have the privilege of attending this historic event.

This endeavor exemplifies BRICS+'s unwavering commitment to forging a path toward an environmentally oriented economy while simultaneously embracing culture, social responsibility, and innovative solutions. It is a testament to the platform's dedication to bringing new and unique forms of international interaction to the global stage.

The Kempinski floating hotel is not just a remarkable structure but a symbol of international cooperation, pushing the boundaries of innovation, and delivering on the promise of sustainability and creativity. It is a tribute to the ever-evolving landscape of business, government, and society that BRICS+ seeks to foster and elevate.

As the Kempinski floating hotel rises from the waters of Dubai, it becomes a signature of the city, and a testament to the vision and commitment of BRICS+ to change the face of Dubai while leaving an indelible mark on the world. With its unique blend of luxury, innovation, and sustainability, this project will indeed be a milestone in the history of Dubai and a source of inspiration for generations to come.


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