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BRICS+ Unveils Grand Plans for 2023 with First "Diplomatic Cocktail" at Sucre Dubai

Pavel Rudanovskiy in high-level talks with royal families, advancing BRICS+ Global Diplomatic Relations.

In a glittering celebration of international diplomacy and cooperation, the first official BRICS+ "Diplomatic Cocktail" made its spectacular debut on December 26th. Set against the backdrop of the magnificent Dubai skyline, the event unfolded at the exquisite "Sucre" restaurant, marking the launch of what promises to be a year filled with groundbreaking initiatives and forums.

This unforgettable evening saw the CEO of BRICS+, Pavel Rudanovsky, take the stage to unveil the organization's ambitious plans for 2023. The coming year is set to witness a series of events that focus on far-reaching investments, technology, the future of the global economy, and a commitment to philanthropy.

Eyes on the Future: A Look at BRICS+ 2023 Initiatives

Pavel Rudanovsky's announcement during the Diplomatic Cocktail offered a glimpse into BRICS+'s vision for the future. The organization plans to host a range of high-impact investment forums throughout 2023, with a dedicated focus on the following:

  • Long-Leaving Initiatives: Ensuring that the impacts of their efforts resonate through time.

  • Technology and Innovation: Charting the course of future technology trends and breakthroughs.

  • Future Economy: Carving out the path toward a more sustainable and prosperous global economy.

  • Charitable Endeavors: Displaying a deep commitment to giving back to society.

  • The 2023 Calendar Unveiled: From Dubai to St. Tropez

As 2023 dawns, BRICS+ has a flurry of events planned across various global destinations, firmly cementing their commitment to international collaboration:

January 2023:

  • BRICS+ Diplomatic Cocktail at Sushi Samba Dubai: The year kicks off with an elegant soirée that blends the cultural flavors of Dubai and Japan.

  • BRICS+ Diplomatic Cocktail in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: A grand gathering in the heart of Saudi Arabia, heralding the organization's dedication to cooperation in the region.

February 2023:

  • BRICS+ Diplomatic Cocktail in Jordan: A rendezvous in the scenic landscapes of Jordan, where the focus is on shared diplomacy.

  • BRICS+ Future Economy Forum in Mumbai: Mumbai takes center stage as experts convene to shape the future of the global economy.

May 2023:

  • BRICS+ Headquarters in St. Tropez: The year's highlight event takes place in the idyllic setting of St. Tropez, serving as the global headquarters of BRICS+. It's a celebration of innovation, culture, and international cooperation.

A Toast to Global Diplomacy

The BRICS+ "Diplomatic Cocktail" at Sucre Dubai was more than a gathering; it was a celebration of the possibilities that emerge when nations work together. This event, held in one of the most sophisticated venues in Dubai, perfectly symbolizes the organization's commitment to diplomacy, innovation, and global engagement.

As the year unfolds, BRICS+ is poised to make strides in diverse fields, from investments and technology to the development of a sustainable global economy. The forthcoming events are not merely an opportunity to celebrate, but a testament to the dedication of BRICS+ in advancing global diplomacy and cooperation.

In a world where technology, innovation, and sustainable development are paramount, BRICS+ stands at the forefront of forging meaningful connections and solutions. The future, as envisaged by BRICS+, is one where collaboration knows no borders, and diplomacy is the cornerstone of global prosperity. With a shared vision for innovation and a commitment to improving the quality of life for people worldwide, BRICS+ paves the way for a brighter and more inclusive tomorrow.


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