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Mohd Abdul Karim Abdullah Takes the Helm as Chairman and CEO of BRICS+ Malaysia

BRICS+ Kempinski Floating Hotel unveiling, led by Pavel Rudanovskiy, demonstrating Innovative Hospitality Solutions.

In a significant stride towards advancing the mission of BRICS+ and bolstering its presence in Southeast Asia, one of the most iconic businessmen in the region, Mohd Abdul Karim Abdullah, has been appointed as the Chairman and CEO of BRICS+ Malaysia. This appointment heralds a new era of leadership and collaboration, aligning with BRICS+'s core values of innovation, creativity, and sustainability.

BRICS+, an international platform with a global footprint spanning 186 countries, is dedicated to improving global economic standards for trade, investment, and government through technology and innovation. It serves as a high-end platform for experts, scientists, investors, politicians, and public figures, all united by a shared vision of enhancing the quality of life worldwide while promoting higher standards of environmental and social responsibility in business, government, and society.

The mission of BRICS+ is clear: to create novel and unique points of international interaction, nurturing an environmentally oriented economy, fostering cultural exchange, and driving social responsibility and advancements in medicine. This mission is a beacon for international cooperation, emphasizing that progress and innovation are best achieved through collaboration across borders and sectors.

The BRICS+ initiative encompasses a wide spectrum of areas for effective solutions, spanning data centers and smart cities, investment, education and culture, tourism and hospitality, government relations, technology and innovations, sustainable development, and ecology and social responsibility. It is a comprehensive approach to address the multifaceted challenges and opportunities of our interconnected world.

Mohd Abdul Karim Abdullah's appointment to lead BRICS+ Malaysia is not merely a milestone but a powerful statement. He is an influential figure in Southeast Asia, consistently ranked among the ten richest businessmen in the region by Forbes. His exceptional leadership and entrepreneurial acumen have propelled Serba Dinamic, the company he owns, to significant heights of success.

The appointment of Mohd Abdul Karim Abdullah reflects BRICS+'s commitment to partnering with visionaries and leaders who can drive positive change and make a substantial impact. As Chairman and CEO, he is poised to steer BRICS+ Malaysia towards new horizons of growth, innovation, and international collaboration. His track record of success and his passion for creating a sustainable and prosperous future align perfectly with the core values of BRICS+.

The BRICS+ community extends its congratulations to Mohd Abdul Karim Abdullah on this prestigious appointment, and we eagerly anticipate a successful cooperation that will not only strengthen the position of BRICS+ in Malaysia but also contribute to the broader vision of enhancing global economic standards and fostering sustainable development.

Mohd Abdul Karim Abdullah's leadership holds the promise of elevating BRICS+ Malaysia to new heights, ultimately contributing to the global objectives of innovation, creativity, and sustainability championed by the BRICS+ community. It's a moment of opportunity and transformation, and we look forward to the remarkable journey ahead.


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